Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Health Update

Dear Readers,

I'm not sure when more new captions will be done, the singles or finishing up the Purses.

I've been sick for the entire month of January and just had my second emergency room visit last night. While I was there things got worse. I literally scared the hospital staff with a cough more vicious than a lion's roar and I went through two vomit buckets while I was there. I'm doing breathing treatments about every 5 hours now, and I'm just trying to get better. 

I'm behind in my pic hunting again, and that's partly due to the one site I use has stopped using mirror downloading sites. When there's 3 different places to download from for the sets I can download 3 different sets simultaneously from 3 different sites. Then 3 hours later get 3 more. Now they're only using one, and that means one every 3 hours, and I haven't felt up to doing that the last few days.

I have noticed that my last two capped pics have had over 800 views each, one even breaching 900 and the other close to it! 

I'm hoping to be better by mid February at least. I'm on medicine that I hope helps and will get me better. 


Friday, January 22, 2016

Perspective Advice!

Still Sick

Dear Readers,

I had felt better then I get worse, and it's up and down. I've had to take four breathing treatments today alone and I think the weather has been helping add mucus into my lungs.

I've been resting a lot after work and have barely been getting on to do pic hunting. In fact today I started going through my backlog of found pics trying to sort them for capping but I didn't get far before needing a nap.

I did get one new one done though! I capped it right after sorting!

I haven't forgotten about the Purses. I just need to be better a lot more before finishing off that series.

I hope that maybe I'll feel up to more one shots though, the short n' sweet ones I may be able to knock out before I cough up a lung, my snooze button gets hit, or I find myself stuck upon the porcelain throne!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Last Of The Purses

Dear Readers,

I was hoping on getting the last of the Purses done this weekend. I was feeling better but last night things got funky and this morning I'm back to coughing my head off. 

I need to rest and get better again because I'm out of antibiotics now.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

The MILF Zone: Magic Purse Saga Accepted By Jay-T! Parts 1 - 5

The MILF Zone: Magic Purse Saga Accepted By James! Parts 1 - 4

The MILF Zone: Magic Purse Saga Accepted By Richard! Parts 1 - 4

The MILF Zone: The Magic Purse Saga Accepted By Morgan! Parts 1 - 4

Magic Purses Coming - Updated

Dear Readers,

Ok, I got through Morgan, Richard, and James tonight. I've been staring at the pics for Jay T for about 10 minutes now trying to figure out an order.

It's a little harder because my mind already ordered it once to be a possible "Butts" series. The end pic would be the same, setting the same, but I'm seeing both stories with these pics. I see a mother/son butts swap and I can see how it can be a magic purse too.

Eventually I'll probably cap it both ways, but right now it's hard to focus on either.

I can't just skip it either because sequentially it's next after James and before Charlie, and Marc comes after Charlie and then the coda, the end.

Part of me wants to stop for the night and rest and relax more. Tomorrow I go back to work.

Part of me also says get it done while the mood is on. I'm primed and knee deep in the overreaching story arc, and it's getting good I hope.

Maybe I should just limit the rest of these to 4 parters. The last 3 were 4 parters due to pic limitations, but maybe the more pics the more I over think it?


Original Post:

Dear Readers,

I'm still coughing a lot, but I'm better than I was.

I just got the who's who sorted out for the rest of the purses.

Alex, I'm sorry but I don't have one for you. Instead you'll be getting the first of my next and possibly last opportunity caps for the year, and I don't know if I will start that today.

Right now I need to figure out the order I want to cap these in for the overreaching story arc.

Plus I need to reread what I did with Paul to see where I left off.


Friday, January 8, 2016

The Adult Content Warning Isn't Working - Edited

Dear Readers,

I think I was having problems because I had already visited the blog online on both devices that clicking the warning once today must have sufficed. Probably a cookie or something.

So, by now you've all probably realized I'm paranoid, right?

I am feeling better, but it's too late at night to start capping. I need to try and get some sleep no matter that when I try I cough.

So here's a deal. Let's see how things progress without family swaps for the rest of the month.

After I finish the Purses I do have one more opportunity caps thing to do.

It's an idea I had for a transformation series, but instead of me just picking random names ( mostly Jimmy, Timmy, Brad, Frank, and Bill ) I might as well open it up.

The difference about this one though is it's more open ended than anything else thus far. Why? Because no purse necessary. No MILF Zone or using just one model. It's perfect. More details after I get the Purses done. 


Original Post:

Dear Readers,

Look, I don't know why this is happening. 

I have the blog set for the warning about adult content to be shown when you first come to the blog.

It's not working anymore. 

I have tried deleting my website data, coming here from a Google search, from the link at Leslie TG, and it's even not showing when I click view from within Blogger itself. And it's always shown it before even if I'm logged in. And I tried the other links from being logged out.

This is serious. 

I was feeling well enough to try capping more of the Purses when I was coming on here to recheck the list of names still needed to be capped when I noticed this.

I'm going to try something.

I hope this works.

This is very, very, very bad!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Status Update

Dear Readers,

In addition to the frustration of last weekend I have been very sick since Sunday. 

Tonight is the first time since Saturday that I have had my laptop up to pic hunt, and I'm very backlogged. Lots of great pics, but at 3 sets every 3 hours a lot of time was lost. I have saved them to favorites and prioritized them. I doubt I'll do more than one set tonight.

I'm still very sick. I'm still going into work. It's rough but I just have to make it through tomorrow.

The Purses are not done. I'm not well enough to cap those yet. I'm surprised I felt well enough to do the pic hunting a bit. 

If I could cap on my mobile device I would, but it's only good for comments and notices like this. Believe me, I've tried every software I could and nothing was as good as MS Paint!

I have been keeping up with the comments. I haven't replied yet because, well, I'm sick in bed coughing up my lungs. 

So here's what I do have to say about what some recent comments are saying.

Some of you are saying that I'm taking all this too seriously. When I read that I start thinking maybe I am too serious about TG captioning and maybe I'd be better off being serious about other things instead.

Yes, you're accidentally talking me into quitting for good because obviously this isn't something I should be taking so seriously, right?

Taking this seriously is what's kept me from abandoning the audience when most captioners come and go after only a few years, some have lasted as long as I have but even some of them have retired.

I've seen blogs go retired since I've been doing the blog here. I've seen Yahoo Groups deleted for posting mom/son caps even after numerous attempts of recreating and recreating the group over and over.

I've witnessed web hosts purge TG fiction websites, other groups like Lycos and Smart Groups rise and fall into obscurity.

There are people out there that do not support Transgender Rights. There's those out there who don't understand why people enjoy this type of fiction. There are those even in the TG community that see some forms of the fiction as incest or even underage pornography in a weird and twisted way.

Those are very serious perceptions that can make it easier for say Google to justify purging TG capped pics blogs. In fact, they almost did!

I wasn't even aware of it until Google sent me a notice saying they had decided NOT to purge adult content blogs from Blogger because of the conflict of people trying to express their gender identity issues.

They were going to do it. Then this blog would've been gone, Yahoo Groups still an unruly mess, and then what?

Then the only refuge is Rachel's Haven. 

No lurking. To read capped pics you have to participate. Your participation is tracked and monitored. You have to comment so much to gain access. Plus there's even stricter censorship because the capped pics have to be politically correct.

In other words, TG Capped Pics NAZIS. 

But the site is TG owned, TG paid, and a lot of the community I knew way back when support it. 

I'll admit, they advanced things a bit. Paid models to pose for uncapped pics even for their members to use. Even got a book published with online TG authors doing the stories. They even helped build a new generation of TG captioners!

Oh, wait. They're the ones struggling to keep up with demand of "you cap me, I cap you" and get burned out from all the requests that I suspect most of the defunct TG blogs I find were originally Haven cappers probably tired of people not being able to see their captions unless they submitted to forced participation.

Yes, all the characters are fictitious.

Yes TG fiction is just fiction. 

But there's rules of society one must straddle if they want to keep out censorship, if they don't want the art as a whole to be demonized, or simply even just keep it all online.

Don't take the freedom for granted people. Seriously, if I had to cap under Haven guidelines most of my recent capped pics wouldn't be permitted. Not just the family swaps, but racial swaps, anything concerning ethnic stereotypes such as a gypsy intervention, or probably even witches! Now I will admit it's been years since I read up on their guidelines, but this was at least within the past 5 years.

I'm the TG captioner that argued for lurker freedom. I understand that not all of you out there even speak English at all, or very well.

So maybe I do take this all too seriously. Should I stop taking this seriously?


Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'm Taking A Pink Sabbatical

Dear Readers,

I'm too upset to continue the Magic Purses today, but I will finish them by next Sunday.

After that I'm taking the rest of the month off. 

December gave 76 posts and 131 capped pics.

I'll continue my pic hunts and check on here for comments and make replies, but that's it. 

In February maybe I'll just finish uploading the older ones once they're back on my laptop.



Dear Readers,

I have come to a decision. 

Based on a recent comment I have come to the realization that my family body swap capped pics have been treading dangerously close to incest, and thus I am no longer going to do them.

That means no moms, daughters, aunts, sisters, nieces, cousins, and so on. No stepmoms, no friend's moms, no more bullies becoming the bullied's mom either.

This does not affect the Purses. 

It just means I'm no longer doing family swaps at all.

Why? Because it's never been about incest and I detest incest, and as long as anybody can think my writing is about incest then it has to stop.

I'm about 3 inches away from no more TG capped pics ever. 

But I know there's more I can do and other genres to do it in. 

Liz once told me I had perfected the mother/son genre, and so I will leave it at that.

For those who wonder why only one comment could bring this about, well, here's a story for you.

I started captioning around the year 2000. I lost many of my earliest works because I had a very scrappy computer that didn't even save pics as jpegs and it was only 4 GB hard drive. This was why I had hundreds of floppy disks.

I didn't start out doing family swaps, heck, I didn't really even do magic. It was more transformation and mad science. Genetics and technology.

I never wanted to be a family member. I did envy a friend's mom though, and would've banged her. Or become her.

I started out as a contributor on Tamara Lynn's Tawdry Teasers. Liz started out there too as Britney.

Then it was to Lycos Groups, and then the great online TG purge happened. Lycos was gone. So was Fortune City, and most of the early TG captioners were wiped out.

Then there was Yahoo Groups. That's where I went. It's where a lot went. And I'd still be there if they didn't redesign the whole thing in 2013!

Yet while I was there I began to realize that the more sexual my writing got, the more it could be deemed as incestuous.

I struggled with that. I almost quit captioning multiple times over the years partly because of that. The sudden realization of "What the hell am I writing?".

I came to the understanding that it's not incest because the stories are about a husband and wife physically, albeit not mentally.

This is a fragile reconciliation though. It's a perspective that is on a very thin line.

In a way, yes, I do cater to somewhat perverse fantasies in my writing. Yet there are some things I can't do.

The reason I don't use ages in family capped pics anymore is because it makes the reader decide the age. If I put an age down then it's set in stone. I can't do that and write what I was writing.

Yes, it's fiction and not real. Yet there's lines. Lines that can cross very easily.

Back then I made the no stated age rule, I even had a only single moms or moms with a second husband rule for awhile.

I think that stuck for a few months, maybe a year at most. No ages has gone on the longest.

Al it took was that one comment to unravel the memories of my philosophical moral debate about these kinds of capped pics.

This time the capped pics lost. 


Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Purse List

Dear Readers,

I am not capping anymore tonight. I'm upset over a couple things, and I need time to calm down.

First off, Jay T, I just saw your comment for a purse and it went into spam comments and I didn't see it until just now. You should have had a purse.

I have Matt ( GILF ) and Paul ( Neo Rock) done.

Morgan took the black lady.


I had the lady from "Fringe Benefits", the one from "Locked Out", Stacy P, and Charlie B left. 

For Alex I can see what I have from the Butt Pics, I think some of those had purses, but I can't remember. Purse pics are harder to find for the most part, especially if you want different women.

This series is done. I'm now one purse short and that means trying to find enough for Alex's set. And for Jay T's set too.

With Morgan I had forgotten about the black lady I found and I have enough for a set of her.

Pic hunting is not an exact science. The internet is vast and search engines are changing.

Most of the pics I use are from free porn, but others are selfies and the like that are flooding the internet. Creepshots, bloggers, and more.

Doing multiple series on a theme is very hard to come by. Literally, I just hit the jackpot with most of these pics I've been using recently thanks to a Bing search that found one site that occasionally links up to the others and that's how I got the pics of the GILF, Locked Out, Fringe Benefits, and so on. They're not the usual full sets from Moggy or free porn archived pages.

This time I knew I had 6 I could do, and I stated that in the post. 7 is doable. 8 and 9 are going to be harder.

One comment tonight made me contemplate stopping capping all together. That's why I need to calm down.

Morgan, Charlie, Marc, James, and Richard are guaranteed to get their sets done. Jay T, I think I have a special set for you since it's not your fault I didn't see it. Alex, if I can find a set you'll get one.

Again, this series is over. No more purses.


I'm also thinking this is the end of open ended opportunity caps for awhile, especially big series ones. I used to just do one capped pic and you got one response.



Dear Readers,

I thought I made this clear in the post saying "Magic Purses Is Stopped".

I found only one more I can use after Morgan asked. That's why I'm asking those that asked while the purses were still available who wants to be black! 

With the first MILF Zone I was able to do a lot more because I had found tons of Brandi Love that it was possible. Until I started running out of the part 1 pics.

So if I specifically state that there is a set number of positions open and you read the comments and see that each has been filled, then please don't ask. 

Morgan was fine because I should've posted sooner it was done. Then I realized I had a black lady that the pics work for this series. Morgan was the exception.

Then I posted it was over.

Then I got a purse request a couple hours later.

I can try and see what I can do. But it's over. OVER. O-V-E-R!

Red rover, red rover the purses are over!


Hatred Or Envy?

Not Just Laundry!

Bulldozed Bully!

The MILF Zone: Magic Purse Saga Accepted By Paul! Parts 1 - 5

Magic Purse Stopped & Question!

Dear Readers,

Ok, I had a very limited amount of purse pics to begin with, but since Morgan requested I think I have another or can find one set to accommodate him.

So, I have as follows:

Matt (done as GILF)
Paul (done with boots)

Now, my question is, out of you remaining 5, who would like to be black?

I won't cap anymore of these Purses until I know this. That way I can figure out who's who better. I'll cap some others in the mean time.


The MILF Zone: Magic Purse Saga Accepted By Matt! Parts 1 - 2

Friday, January 1, 2016

The MILF Zone: The Magic Purse Saga Parts 1 - 2 And More! Please READ!

Dear Readers,

The original MILF Zone series is 100% over. I had thought it might be extendable, but I have a new way to continue it.


By doing the different endings for each person that accepted on that first series there was a mythos created. The Zone got a backstory, an organization called NMF (Needy MILF Foundation) was created, and by the end we learned that there's a corresponding Hunk Zone as well.

I was already setting up an idea about a mysterious stranger giving people magic purses to make them MILFs, but the first one was accidentally a GILF (G = Grandma). I have 4 sets already saved out for that concept, that's 4 different women available! I know of two more sets I have that have purses, so that brings the total up to 6 open slots. These will also be longer than just two pics long as well. Except for whoever volunteers to be the GILF, because I only have two pics set out for it. The other pics of her set are way too similar to make an effective multi-picture series.

So, I have 6 slots open but one person must become the GILF. If nobody wants the GILF it'll just go down to 5 open slots after I cap the GILF.

Also, IF YOU ACCEPTED THE MILF ZONE YOU CANNOT BE PART OF THE MAGIC PURSE! Because you're already a MILF now in this universe. It'd be redundant. Plus this gives others the chance to participate!

So, first post first serve.


Happy New Year!

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

I would've said so earlier, but last night was a bit hectic.

I took a nap and didn't wake up until after 10 PM and started my pic hunting. Then realized I needed to close out the MILF Zone and got the last two sets of that done at 11:59 PM! I uploaded them as the last 2015 ones.

I then capped a few more before going to bed around 6 AM.

Today I promptly woke up at 2 PM.

I'm probably not capping today. In fact, I have a question for you the readers, what do you want?

Let me explain. I've been on a mother/son kick recently. I do have some bully/bullied's mother in the works. Probably a lot more moms sorted out. Yet I've noticed few comments recently on many of these ones I've been knocking out like crazy recently.

Which is understandable, my usual commenters probably haven't cycled back through yet plus it's a holiday, and the MILF Zone was surprisingly very successful and got most of the comments.

Plus I did see that people have been using the descriptive boxes so that helps give me an idea. I've racked up quite a bit of sexy recently and LOLs. Probably because I've used some nice racks!

Yet I do worry that I'm not having enough variety. When's the last time I did a daughter swap? Or neighbor? Or even aunt?

I did do that huge 20 part long game show series, but still. 

Also, what unfinished ones did I need to get back to?

Eric, I'm still trying to find the pics for Fear. I don't think they're on an external hard drive.

Also, if you missed out on the MILF Zone, I can continue it under one caveat! I would have to start cycling back through my part 1 pics for the Zone part. That's what I was running out of and that's after finding more of that same set!

I do actually have some more ideas for the MILF Zone due to coming up with more stuff for those last two sets. The Hunk Zone has been on my mind and it's relationship to the MILF Zone. It could be interesting. Plus the history of the Zones.

Well, please comment and let me know what kind of stories you're wanting to read. Sometimes a genre consumes me like mother/son and it's hard to get off that kick.


Best Bonus Ever!

Last Chance!

A Hubby For The Subby!

The Party Crasher!


The MILF Zone Accepted By Errol! Parts 1 - 2

The MILF Zone Accepted By Cal! Parts 1 - 2