Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Over 2 Million Page Views!

Dear Readers,

This is only post number 1905 but the Blog just hit over 2 million views!

I might do some more new ones today, but I'm not sure yet. I've been keeping up with pic hunting and I haven't had anymore big ideas since the Cosmic Cat yesterday.

Also I'm starting to feel sick again. Where I'm at our weather is crazy. It just snowed a couple days ago, was nice and sunny in the 60s yesterday, and today it's dreary as a horror movie outside.

I have thought about doing a series tying up loose ends of unfinished series' such as "Fear" and "Finding The Only River In Hell".


Monday, May 16, 2016

Chronicles Of The Cosmic Cat! Parts 1 - 4

New Featured Post!

Dear Readers, 

The new featured post feature has worked splendidly! "Naughty Sheriff" finally got up to over 560 views and even a new comment!

So, this month I'm showcasing "From Rise To Shine". When I initially researched posts for this feature it only had 123 views. By itself in the past month it got up to 130 views. Now this post was fairly recent, but it doesn't seem like too many readers saw it.

Now, for my fellow TG bloggers here's the breakdown of why some posts may under perform in number of views.

I have noticed when I do big updates the top two or three posts get a ton of views but it's a trickle effect with less views as people scroll down.

I've also noticed if I only post one or two a week those posts get thousands of views! 

Also, you have to be choosy as to what pic the top post is because that's what shows on most links on other blogs and traffic sources.

The featured post allows you to bring more attention to posts readers may have missed. Ones they might not be aware of.

Especially once you grow your readership and you have tons of capped pics on your blog! 

This is post number 1903. I have 148 notice posts. That means 1755 are capped pics. 680 are new since the Blog was created and 1075 are older ones that I uploaded.

That's 680 capped pics from 2014 to now. Wow.

That's not counting part 2 -?? on the posts either. 

So why all that math? Because it illustrates just how hard it'd be for a new reader to really go through the entire blog in one sitting.

Oh, and that's why the downloadable archives are a great idea too.

Plus, if you're new I'd like to think my labels set up helps you a lot.

See, using the post history function of a blog is bulky and really sorta messy and useless.

By clicking on the year label you get all those posts from that year. So if you want to knock out going through one year a night or week you can. If you just want certain story aspects you can. If you just really like high heels, boots, or turtlenecks you can!

What I like about my layout is the ease of access. I try to make it user friendly.

So, just to recap, the featured post is a great way to highlight posts that may have underperformed in views initially and give them a better spotlight to shine in! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Post # 1900! And A Request!

Dear Readers, 

When I saw "Soul Day" was post number 1899 I just had to make number 1900!

I think I've finally found a good app for adding texts to pics on my tablet. I just have to prep them first on my laptop, create spaces and word bubbles. 

Now I have a request. I just added a new link to the left. I've been discovering more and more TG cappers in the blogosphere, and this one just celebrated getting 100,000 views! 

Now this is way more adult content than I do, and there's gifs that help illustrate the action of the stories and I find this method to be truly unique! It's different, and I like different! 

It's called Stormy's TG Captions and my request for you the readers is to check it out please! Here's the link:

I'll probably do more capping later on today. 


Monday, May 9, 2016

Soul Day Parts 1 And 2

Dear Readers,

I'm not sure if this will catch on, but I believe an introduction is in order. I've done capped pics in the past where Karma is a character trying to strike the cosmic balance in punishing the evil and rewarding the good. So I thought, what if she wanted to take a vacation? She just can't up and leave her cosmic duties, right? Well I've also done capped pics in the past were people became the true representation of their soul. Usually it's one spell or odd device at a time, but what if that happened on the global scale? To every living creature on Earth?

I normally consider all my stuff one big shared universe, but this has to exist in it's own little pocket universe because it literally trumps everything else. It makes bodyswaps impossible and impractical. Why? Because no matter what body you're in it'll transform based on the merit of your soul.

Now I didn't specifically cap this scenario, but some people had souls so ugly they literally lost their humanity while some animals had such beautiful loving souls that they gained humanity. It's a world full of horror and hope.

What hope? As demonstrated in Part 2 the people that lost their beauty aren't hopelessly stuck unless they're too lazy to change their ways and help humanity get better. This isn't static, you can move up and down the scale of beauty based on your actions and the level of beauty residing in your soul. Instant karma worldwide 24/7.

I think there's more potential stories to be told with this, from animals becoming human to vice versa to stories of people trying to regain beauty they lost, to how it affects relationships and love if now both in a couple are the same gender, or what if they're not even the same species anymore? Ok, that's it for the intro!

Already Commited!

The Impregnation Imperative!

Owning Up!

Rejects No More!

The Fun One! Parts 1 And 2

Neighborly Advancement!

Almost Done!

Dear Readers,
I know what I said but I forgot I had this pic and so this is the last one for awhile unless an aunt is included!


From Mundane To Magnificent!

Astral Tea For Two!

Leaving The Dragon! Parts 1 And 2

State Of The Blog Address Spring 2016

Dear Readers,

First off, I'm suspending requests again until further notice. I have 3 to do already.

- An aunt
- An Asian MILF stranger
- Scarlett Johannson on set

Which on that last one my mind is still going three to four ways on how to cap it so please Neorock, give me some more clarification!

Is it somebody getting butt sucked into the actress while playing the character or the character?

Also I need to finish off the Purses. I need to reread things, get back the list of names, and get that sucker finished finally.

Next order of business then.

I am suspending my creation of mom/son and friend's mom captions immediately.

Why? Because they currently outnumber everything else!

Almost half of my posts go into that category, and I need to even out the playing field with more variety.

When will I resume moms?

I don't know. I want other categories to be more caught up with moms.

It may take months or to the end of the year, I don't know.

Take a look at the labels section. Look at Aunts, Co-Workers, Daughters, Neighbors, Sisters, Strangers, Teachers, and then look at Moms.

Moms have over 800 capped pics! I think this is post 1888!

I think that's possibly the biggest collection in one spot of mom/son capped pics. Possibly. At least on a blog I think it is.

Well, I'll make ONE caveat. If the capped pic uses a mom and an aunt both I'll still do it during this period. I have two things lined up like that anyways.

It'll raise the stats on both, and the one two parter I have in mind counts towards daughters too, and niece.

So, that's where I stand right now. The requests and the Purses are my first priority, and then diversification.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Permanent Punishment!

Night Life Parts 1 And 2

Booted Out Part 2

Booty Hacking!

Booted Out!

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Readers,

I hope you have a happy mother's day!

So far I only have two recent requests done, and I'm about to upload those now. I'm not sure how many more will be coming throughout the day.


Friday, May 6, 2016

A Better Plan!

So Unbelievably AWKWARD!

Nightly Preparations Parts 1 - 6

Dear Readers,
If you want more of this series please let me know. I was going to do more but then I just stopped here. 

The Last Secret Parts 1 And 2