Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quality Control Works! Parts 1 - 2

Legend Of The Testoster Stone!

Same Day, Different World...Different President?

Last Update For Awhile & Pic Hunting Links!

Dear Readers, 

My laptop just restarted itself due to the memory issue for the third time tonight and it's getting shorter and shorter between the restarts. 

I'm backing everything up that's recent again.

I have 4 new ones done, was waiting until I had more but I'm going to put them up tonight while I still can.


P.S. - I added to the right under the labels a links list of where I go to pic hunt!

Warning! Moggy's Blog if you try getting single pictures or ful sets has a lot of pop-ups that might have viruses. A good anti-virus software is needed. Why do I go there? Lots of great full sets and sometimes I can save four sets at a time simultaneously! Very captcha heavy too.

If you know a model's name Free Ones is a great tool. Prime Curves and Divine Butts are great for casual browsing.

Pink Fine Art is phenomenal! I usually hit up their Czech Casting galleries, but I learned of Czech Casting through Prime Curves.

Hope this helps those wanting to know where I pic hunt! I have others, but these are the biggies! Enjoy!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bathroom Blues!

Technical Difficulties Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Over the past couple days my laptop has experienced the Memory_Management error and just went blue screen to restart willy nilly no matter what I was in the middle of doing.

Today I Googled the error. I found directions that led me to doing a memory diagnostic. It's the hardware, and that means my memory needs replaced.

It seems fine for awhile, but I'm going to back everything up today and pretty much stay off the laptop.

I'll see about cost of fixing as opposed to buying a new laptop. If the cost is prohibitive then it may take months if not through next year.

I only have one more capped pic done that I'll be uploading after this notice.

I can still check the blog on my tablets but I have no way to caption on them like on my laptop. Most mobile apps are for meme making and you can't add caption space, or even control where the text goes like resizing a text box.

Hypothetically a Windows Tablet might work as a replacement.

I know not when more new ones will be coming.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No More Ghosts

Dear Readers,

Due to a recent supernatural experience that freaked me out incredibly, I will no longer make any new capped pics that use ghosts.

Just had to white sage my home to evict a poltergeist. Not fun.

That being said, more new capped pics may be coming this weekend. I have been pic hunting as I feel better but I haven't been in the capping mood.

That, and it's late at night as it is and I do have work in the morning.