Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Universes. Universes Have Rules. I Have Very Few Rules.

Dear Readers,

You won't find me on Fictionmania. Because I don't do the stories without the pictures.

I just went on there to refresh my memory.

Morpheus created the Great Shift.

Bill Hart made Spells R' Us.

Elrod made both Bikini Beach and the MAU ( Morphic Adaptation Unit ).

Jennifer Adams created Altered Fates ( Medallion Of Zulo ).

Hey, after 15 years at this see how good your memory is of all the early details!

Those are the biggies. The ones that no matter who's out there captioning you're bound to see labels citing those universes.

Except me. I don't touch them. Haven't since the early days. 

And when I did do them? I made fun of them with pop culture references. The Ghostbusters at Bikini Beach. Indiana Jones finds the Medallion Of Zulo. Bud and Kelly Bundy swap bodies but they get swapped back because of the Great Shift. See the pattern?

I only did those because I got tired of the flood of generic capped pics occurring in the early days. There's no challenge if you just stick to writing in the same old worn out universes using tropes that have been done to death.

Yet here I am 15 years later after doing my own thing for so long wondering why none of my original concepts ever made that kinda big time in the TG Fiction world.

I think I figured it out. My disdain for universes probably means people respected my stance and never tried to expand on stuff I created.

Plus I never really wrote out rules saying this is how it works. If you read the capped pics you'd know! 

Truth is, I'd bet half of you readers out there didn't even know who made what that I listed above.

Some of you probably even made capped pics using those universes without knowing who started them.

Jennifer Adams doesn't even have her own website anymore. The rules were posted on a board somewhere else for posterity.

They don't curate their universes. They can't. They're too big now. 

It's in the TG cultural domain. 

So even if my stuff started getting adapted, people started to expand upon it, and all that...I wouldn't get credit anyways.

It'd be like when I learned about the FOSE. I called it something different. Chronologically my 4 part series came first. But someone else had the same idea, a catchy name, and a blog that was open and not a members only Yahoo Group.

So what's my legacy? Non-conformity.

You can swap bodies by being spun into cocoons by giant soul sucking space spiders!

You can be sucked into a big beautiful booty and merged with the lady you just wanted to hit on!

Your pet can become your girlfriend!

Every mom is a MILF! 

Who needs a Twilight Zone when there's a Beauty Zone and a MILF Zone?

Bugs can swap you, viruses can swap you, robots can transform you, and so can boots, mad scientists, Bigfoot mating rituals, and everything under and beyond the sun!

So go ahead and stick with the oldies but goodies. I pushed the envelope. That's what I did.

So I say screw it. We'll just have fun, fun, fun until they take the internet away!


Friday, April 29, 2016

Any Thoughts Or Ideas?

Dear Readers, 

This is a bit in relation to the last post.

Now, I don't have all of my older capped pics here on the blog, and that's why the archives were put up.

By the way, the archives are incomplete. Parts 2 - 11 or 12 of "Matching Opposites" wasn't in there but they are on the blog.

So, I've been going back through my older works for the ones I did that I thought was worthy of catching on. 

But I want to link them together somehow as a legacy collection.

Now, there's about three ways I can think of accomplishing this.

01.) Create a new label called "Legacy" and thus link them together that way. It'd prevent double postings, and it's kinda easy to do.

02.) Create Legacy posts that have all the capped pics of a legacy theme in that post. For instance one for all the corporations I created that makes transformation or swapping tech. Another for viruses. And so on. I'd still make the Legacy label but it'd only apply to these huge multiple capped pics posts.

03.) Create new pages for each Legacy theme. This is the hardest because I don't really know how to do it. It's a function on the blog, but I think it needs HTML code and I'm very rusty on that. Also, I'm not sure how readers could navigate to it from the main blog.

04.) Just make it all another zipped folder for downloading.

I'm open to other suggestions too. That's all I could think of at the moment.

So, which do you think is best? Any other bloggers out there familiar with making pages?


Thursday, April 28, 2016


Dear Readers,

I've been doing this for 15 years. 

From time to time I used to hear from people on the Yahoo Groups about how I inspired them and how they wanted to get into making capped pics because of me.

I started out with one simple rule and that was to NOT do other people's universes.

Now there were early caps where I did parody them. Tributes where I mentioned them. But the bulk of my works are unique.

Yet nothing I've ever created seems to catch on like the universes of old. Nobody uses the Bimbonic Plague, Chameleon Dress, or anything.

Heck, my newscaster series about "wanking swaps" predated the FOSE, but oh well. 

I've done this for 15 years and nothing I've created ever got picked up like the Great Shift, Bikini Beach, and now there's costume guns and the FOSE.

It gets to me I guess. Maybe it's my fault for not liking universes to begin with.

The thing is, in the early 2000s a lot of captioners out there traded story for convenience of how a change or swap occurs. Literally captions could be boiled down to one sentence and that's it.

"After he went to Bikini Beach.", "This is him after the Great Shift.", "He used the medallion of Zulo on his neighbor.". 

Maybe I wrote the originals so well that anybody else trying to tackle it might just be like the examples above. Maybe that's my lot in TG fiction history. 

I just don't know. Everything I create seems to start and end with me.

It's not going to live on. It never takes on a life of its own.

It's static. It never grows. I have no influence upon the TG fiction world.

That's what's really hard about being a TG Fiction writer. 

New ways of swapping or transforming are easy. Anything can be a magic talisman. There's a wealth of myth and legend to utilize, and you can create your own. Sci-fi works too. And it doesn't matter how absurd you get either, just look at butt suction for proof!

But when you create things that are new and nobody else jumps onto it, when there's still werewomen, medallion of Zulo, Bikini Beach, reversal rings, and so on going strong generation of captioners after another and nothing you've ever created ever caught on...that's hard.

Kinda why I was mad to learn about the FOSE. My series turned out to predate it after I learned about it, but my series was originally posted to a Yahoo Group and the creation of the FOSE was independent from it. I didn't even know what the FOSE was until I started the blog and discovered other TG blogs.

Heck, that's how I learned about costume guns too.

So, how do you measure the success of a TG Fiction captioner?

Is it by telling memorable stories? 

Is it by creating an endless concept?

Is it by the flattery of imitation?

You see, I almost died in 2014 and if I had this would've been it. All the old ones would still just be on Yahoo Groups being ravaged by spammers. 

Eventually after so much inactivity this blog would probably be taken down automatically. 

And I have made no lasting impact on the genre. Nothing that'll carry on after I'm gone. 

Yet in 50 years time people will still make stories about the Great Shift, and the others. 

15 years and not a single concept I've created has caught on.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thanks Babe!

Mouse Trouble

Dear Readers,

I have only one done that I will try to upload. 

Unfortunately my mouse fell twice today while cleaning and now it's not clicking right. It's a pain trying to get it to work. So, until I can get a new one there won't be any more new capped pics. 

It also hampers my pics downloading as well.

If a new one isn't uploaded it's going to be because I can't get the mouse to work properly.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Deleted The Old Yahoo Groups

Dear Readers,

I finally just logged back into those, they were way behind on updates, and it seemed like spammers had taken over.

Yahoo Groups are pretty much dead since the format change. It lasted from 2004 to 2016 but I don't think I had updated it since last year at the earliest.

So, this is it now. I'm going to update the links section.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

How Do You Measure A Blog's Success?

Dear Readers,

Some of you out there have your own blogs. Many are TG writers or captioners like myself.

Now, when I first started out I was just a guest captioner on a website called "Tamara Lynn's Tawdry Teasers". It got wiped out when Fortune City did a TG purge. Everybody then moved to Lycos Groups and that's when I first had a dedicated audience of sorts. I had a number of group members, and I could see the impact.

At the end of 2003 Lycos Groups went down and there was a split. Some went to Yahoo Groups like myself and the rest went to Smart Groups which wasn't smart at all because it went defunct.

In 2014 Yahoo Groups decided to update their format and it created more problems than it was worth. And thus after amassing over 5,000 members on Yahoo I started this blog.

So that's perspective. 

Here's some of my blog stats right now:


Close to 1,900,000 page views ( I rounded up )

"Like Mother, Like Son Parts 1 - 10" has 4,278 page views

This is post 1843

There's 1599 published comments

And I'm averaging about 6,000 views a day it seems.

I have views from every country in the world with the top 10 in order being USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Norway, Mexico, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Today I've had some from South Africa, Brazil, and Russia.

I had 92,036 page views last month!

The blog has only been up since March 15, 2014

Today is April 16, 2016

So, is that successful? Some have commented that this blog is successful. 

I honestly don't know! You see, I went from thousands of group members to only 42 followers but I get a lot more comments and I can track actual views of individual capped pics too.

Most get over 300 views. I have some under 100 views. I have many between 100 and 200 views.

I don't expect everyone to comment because there's a language barrier for some international readers and there's some out there that may not be comfortable following the blog in a way that can be tracked.

Most of my traffic comes from so I don't know if it's just that I make good click bait or what.

People used to tell me it was the quality of the capped pics that made my groups successful. Others blame it on longevity. 

When I add links to the side those blogs tend to get a bump up in traffic too.

I've read articles about measuring the success of a blog and they quoted much more impressive numbers than mine. Like 1,000 followers and millions of page views. 

My take away on this is that I'm trying to learn from the numbers. I found if I spread out posts over time they get more views. People don't like to scroll down much it seems. The top capped pic is important because it shows up on my link on other sites.

I look at the check boxes on the posts to see feedback that's not a typed out comment. It helps affirm that people are looking at them.

I always appreciate comments and try my best to respond to them. Sometimes though I have to dig to find them if it's a new comment on an old post.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but I hope this info helps put things into perspective for other TG Captioners out there that might get frustrated trying to figure this out themselves for their own blogs.

I don't know if this blog is a success but it's here. 


Friday, April 15, 2016

Swallowed Pride! Parts 1 - 5

New Featured Post Feature!

Dear Readers,

I wanted to really add a "Random Posts" thing to the left side here, but instead is a new "Featured Post" function. So I think what I'll do is pick an old post monthly to be featured there.

So, for this month it's the series "The Naughty Sheriff". It was quite popular on my Yahoo Group, but the file was so big I had to break it down into 6 parts on here to make it readable.

It's a pop culture inspired swap, and it's not family based.

I can either pick these monthly or feel free to request one to be featured.

My goal with this is to highlight ones that are NOT in the top 10 popular posts.

Also, remember to please let me know if any archives links have stopped working.

I might cap more today but I'm not sure yet.


Marry Or Dump?

Viral Encounters!

Adjusting To Humanity!

Great Minds, Great Body, Great Cop!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Taking A Few Days

Dear Readers,

This post was originally going to be a suicide note.

Events transpired yesterday through this morning that affected me and now I know it was stupid to feel suicidal or even upset in hindsight.

I was going to let you guys know I'd upload the rest of what I have done, and that'd be it.

I have a 5 parter that needs a title yet, and I have the second to last Purses cap done. I had thought about finishing the rest of purses because my laptop has been staying up the last few nights but it did restart on me while downloading pics last night.

I need time to get my head more straight after this though. I was hit hard this morning and it put me over the edge. I reached out for help though. I did call a Crisis Hotline but I wasn't in the right mind. Nor the left mind either.

I'm an unusual case in that I can normally talk myself out of suicide. I've been doing that since the late 1990s. This morning my last trump card was incinerated. My family seemed to no longer need me or want me. They don't know about Gensabi. They just know me.

All it took was one problem to push me towards suicidal thoughts, and that's not good. At least I didn't become the Joker. You know, all it takes is one bad day.

I need time to recollect myself. Not having a job, no romantic relationship, and all of it just caught up with me today as well I think.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Question For The Readers

Dear Readers,

I know this'll bring down the views on my last batch of several capped pics, but I have a question.

Awhile back an anonymous commenter lamented about my using the same models over and over again. 

So how do you guys feel about me using the same model for multiple capped pics that are each different stories?

The reason I'm asking now is because I have a lot of new ones I can cap of the same series of a few models. 

To me, the different poses create different stories usually. And when I get stuck on a model or one series of a model that usually means the model is great at posing and very inspiring.

I do sorta personally critique each pic, especially when I download a full set usually around 130 pics per set. 

You know what I've found?

In the early days I liked certain models based on their physical attributes, but once I started getting full sets I began to notice some of those models tend to phone it in. They have big breasts, nice legs, great butts, but they don't pose very well.

Then I found some with smaller breasts that work the camera so well that you don't care. They pose very well, can have great facial expressions, and they pull off sexy without relying on bigger cup sizes.

Then again, there's some that have it all and do it all too. They're golden!

Now when I've done this in the past I've tried breaking it up with capped pics of other models in between, but I might be doing every other one here. 

So please comment and let me know what you think, thanks.


Costs Of Living!

Sweet Vengeance!

Cycle Of Envy!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Longer Delay

Dear Readers,

My laptop is being evil.

It's been restarting itself like crazy. Tonight in the midst of downloading pics it restarted. Then when I unzipped the folder that did get done and was moving it to another folder it restarted again.

After that I just shut it down.

I need to backup my files though, and I want to try that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there's not a single app out there as good as MS Paint for me to cap on. At least not for the tablets I have. Why? Because they're all designed for memes. They don't even word wrap!

I have no finances for a new laptop. Or even a Windows tablet. Or to get this laptop fixed.


Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear Readers,

I don't know when I'll have new ones.

I've been having trouble sleeping at night and today I had to get up early for a doctor's appointment. I've felt sleepy all day through that and a couple hours after getting home I was back to sleep. I had to get back up in order to pick up my medicine and I'm about  to sleep now.

I'm getting pretty medicated and it's taking its toll I think.

Maybe I'll wake up later tonight, but I don't know.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Essay On Butt Suction

Dear Readers,

I have been captioning pictures with tales of transgender fiction for 15 years, and yet nothing has seemed to grab attention more than the butt suction capped pics over the last year or so.

The first time I did this concept it was meant as a joke. Potty humor at best. "Reverse Farting". And yet it became popular. In a world of tight yoga pants, big booty pride, and selfies maybe a butt centric form of possession was inevitable.

Anal attraction is deeply rooted in the human psyche. In most animals really, because even bugs do it doggy style.

Yet most possession stories I've read is either walking into them, jumping into them, mounting them, or diving into the frontal bottom orifice.

Honestly, who would want to enter a body from the poop chute? 

I think that's why I made most of the captions about guys not being able to control it, that it's the body that uses its butt to suck them in.

The problem I have now is why does someone get sucked in? 

I've done curses, magic, ghosts, and just jumping in. Problem is, how can I change it up to make it more interesting? 

You see, the problem with most TG fiction conventions is being overused and predictable. The Great Shift is a cop out. Reversal Rings are old hat like the Medallion Of Zulu. Bikini Beach is even worse. Then there's newer things like costume guns and body hoppers that are becoming old and tiresome as well.

So, what can I do? Give people the power to possess by butt? Call them Butt Knockers? Maybe say they can only possess one body for one month before farting themselves out and never being able to possess the same body twice? 

Or what if it's the women who have the power? Body vampires that suck men into their butts and the guy gets to live as her until his body is completely devoured and she regains control by eating his soul last?

Side effect from Alien anal probing?

A fairy tale where the knight Sir Mixalot fought a dragon for the hand of the Queen but he got sucked into her fat bottom instead to make the world go round by ruling her kingdom? 

Maybe the big bottoms should just be a flesh tuxedo?

I'm not sure what to do. I have some pics for a good 2 parter butts story, but I'm out of ideas and cannot lie the other captioners can't deny when you get a big booty in your face with an itty bitty waist the ideas should be sprung! How do you lose your anaconda so you have none but get big buns hun? 

Are any of these ideas good?