Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The MILF Zone Has Ended!

Dear Readers,

I'm glad this really took off, and Cal and Errol will be the last two I do.

I don't know if I'll get to those tonight or not. I'm not feeling well right now and may take a nap. Didn't even buy groceries today.

So, I did manage to do Kaleb and Frank early this morning. Even then I was scraping for more Zone pics. Also I'm not sure what directions I can really take with these last two.

It's nice to have personalized endings to a series everybody can enjoy, right?

Plus you still want to read what happened to each acceptance because most advanced the concept and story in different ways.

I'm closing it today on New Year's Eve and it seems fitting. It's letting 2015 go out with a bra!

Maybe after some rest I'll feel better and get the laptop up and get those done. 

Plus I'll be able to focus on other capped pics with this ending too. Although it seems like my last couple huge batches were overshadowed by the MILF Zone.


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Ready For Bed!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The MILF Zone Responses!

Dear Readers,

Wow. I really let the bra out of the bag, didn't I?

Let's see, I have:


Seriously, this list is to keep track. 

Now I will hopefully get these done tonight. I'm in the middle of daily pic hunting right now.

Here's one thing though, I ask if you accept the bra from this point forward please post your acceptance on ONLY this post!

Why? Because I don't want to miss your comment if there's some on the original series, and others on the acceptance caps.

Also, I'm running out of pink bra pics. So it's time to get creative a bit. So if your out of the zone pic has no bra, that's why.

Now just what's above is 10 more capped pics!

So please be patient. I'll need to choose which pics for each and that can take time.

On a side note, I do have some bully/mom pics selected but that's as far as I got last night before needing to get to bed.

So there is a process. There's things I do to get these done. It's not always lickety split.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The MILF Zone Accepted By Noah Bodie! Parts 1 -2

Opportunity Caps!

Dear Readers,

"The MILF Zone" was post # 1700! I've done way more caps than that and one day I may get all the old ones up. Right now I've been focusing on the new!

Now, many of you noticed it was an open ended series. I did that on purpose so that you as the reader can be the character of the story! Seriously, you're being granted access to the MILF Zone here!

Noah Bodie knew what was up because I used to do this frequently on my old Yahoo Group. The lady in the picture offers her body, and if you comment a reply to her you get capped as her.

It's an "Opportunity Cap".

To cap you I need a first name, screen name, code name, but something that you'd like to signify you. So if you're Prince and you change your name to a symbol, if it's not on the keyboard I'll do my best. "Anonymous" doesn't work when you get multiples, unless we go "Anonymous 1", then "Anonymous 2", "Anonymous 3", ha, ha, ha.

Also, just because one person gets her first doesn't mean it's over. I just capped Bodie but I can do this for more readers too. We'll get variants going, different pics for each person.

I have a couple others done too. I'm holding off on uploading them right now because I need to organize my recently found pics and cap some more.

After tonight though there may not be more new ones until the weekend.