Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Text Size

Dear Readers,

I have been getting comments about not being able to read the captions.

Here's what happens. If you just click on the picture and it comes up in the picture viewer you're seeing a reduced size version I have no control over.

If you're on a computer you can right click the picture and use open in new tab or window to see the full size image and read it.

If you're on a touch screen device then press your finger on it until the menu pops up and select open link in new tab. 

That's how you can read them.

The text size I use goes between 11 and 12, and I haven't had to use 10 in awhile. So the text is the same size in ones you're able to read and the ones you aren't, but because the pics are bigger the stupid photo viewer thing makes them smaller.

I have one more done right now, but it's the first part of a series. 

Unfortunately I have been sick since yesterday, and the night before I was backing up my recent pic hunts and the laptop was on all that night and still not done after I got home from work, memory was being eaten like crazy, so it's resting now.

I feel sluggish, slept a lot yesterday after work, and feel like I might conk out soon. 

It's going to be a busy weekend if I'm better, so there might not be new ones until Monday.


Monday, August 17, 2015

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Wrong Directions, Right Results!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Current State/Windows 10

Dear Readers,

I was going to update to Windows 10 today because an update finally got me the Windows 10 app, but I decided to look into the upgrade more before doing it.

I'm glad I didn't upgrade.

I thought I would never say that about Windows 8.

What started to get me worried is that Windows 10 uses the webcam to identify who you are in order to unlock the computer. 

That's a threat to my anonymity as Gensabi. 

Then there's an article I read that pointed out that with Windows 10 Microsoft will be able to collect and share all data collected from your computer per the new user agreement. Even e-mails. IMs. Pictures, typed stuff, everything. Why? So that they can design ads for you, have a personal assistant supposedly help you, and profit from whatever you create.

The new user agreement says they can use anything you create using Windows 10. So you invent something, and do the work with a Windows 10 computer they can steal your stuff and it's in the user agreement, so you are screwed.

So, if this laptop ever goes bad and all you can get is Windows 10, then I will be going to a MAC.

So, no new ones got done today. I did some pic hunting though. Some may get done this weekend.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Dear Readers, 

Here's the lowdown. 

Updating to Windows 8.1 and getting all the current Windows updates let me get back into the account and defeated the black screen portion of the virus.

Then I started to get the Google Chrome crashing notices, and the memory was being eaten up.

I used Task Manager to see there was multiple Google Chromes running.

I do not use Google Chrome and have never installed it.

I opened the file location from Task Manager and located the virus. I deleted it from there, but it kept coming back. Knowing where it kept going to was highly important though.

It kept going to Appdata/LocalLow/Microsoft folder.

Now this virus is tricky because it hides itself as Google Chrome and even uses the logo but the file name and folders are nonsensical and seem to be different for each infected computer, thus why doing a Google search for the file or folder name didn't produce results.

Thanks to a commenter on here it's easier to find information about it by searching for "Google Chrome virus".

I found a tutorial on YouTube of how to remove it from Windows 7, but the dude who made the video should have been saying what he was doing too.

I finally found out you have to hold down the shift key while pressing the restart button in order to get Windows 8.1 to start the screens to get into Safe Mode.

This is where narration in the video would've been helpful, because just by watching it I had no clue how to get into the registry files.

Thanks to another commenter though, I was able to do that and deleted the registry file for the virus!

So far, so good.

The other tutorial I found online had people downloading 3 different apps to get rid of it! One just for this virus, another anti-malware program, and then an ad blocker.

I have a feeling each one of those programs were probably more malware the virus creators wanted you to have.

So it's an easy fix once you know what you're doing. And the virus didn't occur until my Kaspersky expired. 

My conspiracy theory is that if you don't renew then they put a virus on your computer just for spite! 


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Insidious Virus

Dear Readers, 

It does seem that the Google Chrome virus is well known, but it doesn't use the same letters each time it infects the computer.

Searing under Google Chrome virus I found many a tutorial to try and fix it.

The problem? 

The video on YouTube is for Windows 7. I now have Windows 8.1 and the directions don't exactly mesh well.

I did find out how to get into Safe Mode though!

What I couldn't do is get into the registry to delete the virus for good and stop it from returning.

So, that's where it's at. The other tutorial had me downloading a bunch more programs to get rid of it and frankly I don't trust that.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Still Under Attack

Dear Readers, 

I was about to cap some more when I paranoidingly checked my task manager again and there was multiple Google Chromes taking up memory. This time it was in a different folder but still the same files. It was hiding in a Temp folder and replicating through the low app folder. I deleted both copies I found and it seems to be done now.

But I won't be turning my laptop back on until I have Kaspersky Total Security to install onto it, and there's some sign that the internet is aware of this virus. 

Thus far no Google search has yielded any results for the folder DKISSGN or the ngtbcfoxfak.exe that's using the Google Chrome logo and shows up as Google Chrome in Task Manager. 

Nobody seems to be talking about this virus online. So right now no antivirus software could get rid of it. 

I have the paid version of Spybot Search And Destroy with antivirus and it's not being picked up. 

This causes memory to be used 100% and the only way to stop it from Task Manager is to turn off your WiFi connection first. Then you can stop its processes in Task Manager but before you do right click it to open up the file location so you know where to delete it from.

I'm not sure if keep deleting it is helping or not. It seemed to stop earlier, but just restarted.

I will have to wait two weeks to get Kaspersky. No more capped pics will be made until I can get this laptop in tip top shape.

Unfortunately, nothing really worked that I tried to cap with on my tablet. 


Slight Alterations

Permanently Extended

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Problem

Dear Readers,

The laptop is still suffering a problem, and I couldn't find a way to fix it.

Google Chrome is now on the laptop as part of Windows 8.1 and it's running like 20 times and eating up memory like crazy. 

I couldn't find Chrome on there easily to uninstall it. It's not showing up under Programs or Windows Components.

By the time a search got me to it the memory was closing it out.

So this is the next issue to resolve.


Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dear Readers, 

I installed 119 updates. I upgraded to Windows 8.1. Now my Spybot Search And Destroy is white listing files. The account works once more! 

Now, I still think I need the Kaspersky again before I do new pic hunting, and that's two weeks away.

Still not sure how to get to 10 from here.