Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Updates, Requests, And Progress

Dear Readers,

As you've noticed there's been an uptick in new capped pics. That's thanks to the new Windows 10 tablet.

I am still adapting to it though. It's not easy. Cropping or extending is hard because I have to keep my finger down on the little dot until the dotted line appears that I can move and change.

Capping boxes and bubbles are easy to manipulate their size. Text boxes not so much. I finally figured I have to use my finger going from the bottom right to top left to get one just right. Otherwise it's a hassle.

I was able to do some new pic hunting but now it's not so good. I haven't been able to download a complete set onto the tablet in days. See, now Rapidgator doesn't show the download button and is a waste. The others, well they keep getting interrupted or take so long the tablet shuts off or the WiFi gets funky.

The new tablet is a WiFi hog. When it's on no other devices can use WiFi. So if I have pics on my phone or Kindle I want to email to myself and download to the gets funky.


I have not forgotten about them. I have saved the pics to my laptop though and space was an issue with my tablet. I finally have the micro SD card in and can add or download more onto the tablet.

As for the watch series, I have found pics of Amy Schumer. They were ones I had to email myself to get onto the tablet. 

I need to find a good watch to use though and I will need to edit it via GIMP on my laptop.

Not sure I want to put that on the tablet because it's already crashed once due to memory I think.

My new tablet only has 1 GB memory. Simple capping is fine, but it crashed just moving multiple folders to a different one. I had to move each folder one at a time to get that done once I got it back up.

Also, thought bubbles may get scarce. The eraser tool is fickle for touch screen and I don't have as much exact control as I did using a mouse. 

And I really prefer the digital keyboard on my Kindle to the tablet. On the tablet it doesn't automatically uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences and occasionally the uppercase button zooms out to show all screens. It's as annoying as hell. Especially since a wrong tap anywhere could make the text box permanent and I'd have to start over again.

In other words, despite being a convenience it's also a pain in the butt.

I am cycling through old pics to cap with some newer ones mixed in. "Hotness" was from a set I was able to download. "Take A Hike" was new and emailed from one device to the tablet.

The others were older pics from as far back as 2014 that still haven't been capped yet.

So that's where I'm at. 

Things may get busy here soon so I don't know if I can keep up the current pace. 



  1. By the way, I just counted and I've done 16 capped pics on the tablet thus far (21 if you count each part of "Take A Hike"). 2 were done and uploaded tonight. It's been a learning curve.

  2. Is there a USB thing that you can plug a mouse/keyboard into? Might make it easier for you.

    1. Nope. It only has a micro USB port for power and maybe file transfer. I haven't hooked it up to my laptop yet. Wireless ones might work, but then again it's a WiFi hog.

      I am adapting. Sometimes though it gets frustrating.

  3. What is the watch series and who is Amy when will we be able to see it

    1. If you go through the comments on the post "Harmony Once More" you can read all the details. The person that requested that wanted Amy Schumer, a sorta famous female comedian to be one of the bodies. She just got cast to be Barbie in a live action Barbie movie too.

  4. when will this be out?