Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Gensabi's Castle Of TG Capped Pics

Monday, January 22, 2018

Update On Update

Dear Readers,

It's been a hectic time since my last post. My tablet has been insistent about the update and tonight I figured I'd better free up the space on my own before it decided to delete things I haven't backed up yet.

I had a flash drive partially free so everything went there.

I'm not sure how much free space will be left on the tablet after this update. I freed up almost 14 GB. 

I'm not sure when the updates will be done or how it'll affect MS Paint.



  1. Replies
    1. It already caused a problem. It said I could keep working while it did background stuff. While capping Powers Unapparent it did a pop up right after I did the second text box and it erased the text before I could save it! I rewrote it best I could remember, but it's definitely different. That pop up was counting down a restart! I uploaded them and restarted it. We have a storm brewing outside so I'm calling it a night.

    2. ah ok. I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe something good will happen after the storm

    3. Just a note. I'm probably not going to do anymore capped pics tonight. I've had an emotional episode and am depressed and I don't know how long it'll last.